Max J. Koeck IV LLC, Attorney & Counselor At Law

Max J. Koeck IV, LLC, Attorney & Counselor At Law

Finding yourself in a challenging position of any kind can be frustrating. Still, when it comes to situations of increasing severity, it is essential to get the professional help you need. Whether you have found yourself in the criminal justice system, the victim of an injury, or have been charged with a traffic or DWI violation, it can be overwhelming and confusing when attempting to proceed and get your life back on track. Luckily, in Metairie, LA, there is a resource available to assist you through any aspect of these legal matters.

Max J. Koeck IV, LLC, Attorney & Counselor At Law, has the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you navigate whichever difficult position you have found yourself in. Whether you face severe criminal charges or a minor traffic ticket, he is your one-stop shop to help you find the most favorable resolution possible. Since many of the consequences for the charges Attorney Koeck assists his clients with are severe, it is vital to get started on a solution as quickly as possible and act proactively to mitigate any potential negative repercussions. So, to get started, call Max J. Koeck IV, LLC, Attorney & Counselor At Law, today to explore your options and take the first steps in reaching your legal goals.

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Personal Injury

Whether it be in a car accident, slip and fall, or by any other means of negligence, finding yourself grievously injured can derail your life and make it difficult to get back on track. From sky-high medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering, or lost wages, it is essential to seek the compensation you rightly deserve. However, it is critical to find a personal injury lawyer to assist you since there are many pitfalls put in your path to devalue or dismiss your case altogether.

Insurance companies are in the business of keeping as much money in their pockets as possible, and they do this by avoiding paying out claims in any way they can. From attempting to discredit the validity of your injuries to manipulating you into accidentally admitting fault for the events which led to your injury, they will use any means necessary to ensure you receive as little of the compensation you deserve as possible.

Additionally, they will employ high-powered attorneys to intimidate you or attempt to get you to take a settlement offer worth well under what your injury was worth. For example, in a car accident, the insurance company will attempt to use when you sought medical treatment, medical history, or plain manipulation to devalue your claim. To help prevent this, enlist the services of an injury accident lawyer in Metairie, LA, like Max J. Koeck IV, LLC, Attorney & Counselor At Law, as soon as possible.

An attorney will be able to guide you through each step of the process while avoiding any mistakes that would have typically been made. So, to ensure you have set yourself up for success in your personal injury claim, call our office today to get started!

Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges, regardless of severity, can be an intimidating and frightening prospect. Especially since many of the situations which lead to criminal charges may catch you by surprise, many folks are not prepared to handle their affairs and adequately defend themselves. This is especially important to consider since the impact of being convicted of criminal charges can leave lasting ramifications on your life, making it difficult to find a job, find places to live, and much more. That is not even considering the possibility of time spent incarcerated, or the hefty fines and other penalties often implemented if convicted.

While it may initially seem like the police or prosecutors are attempting to help you or better your situation, this is seldom the case. Therefore, to find the support, resources, and proven track record of success that will actually support you and help you navigate through the complex processes and regulations of the criminal justice system, it is vital to work with a criminal defense lawyer from the earliest stage possible.

Max J. Koeck IV, LLC, Attorney & Counselor At Law, has helped countless clients through their criminal legal issues and has helped many find the most favorable resolution available in their cases. While every case is unique, finding a criminal defense attorney to represent you almost always improves your chances of finding the best possible results in your case. Attorney Koeck takes pride in tailoring his defense strategies for each and every client, and provides the peace of mind that only comes with working with a trusted and experienced attorney.

So, regardless of where you're at in your case, contact Max J. Koeck IV, LLC, Attorney & Counselor At Law, as soon as possible to begin finding a defense strategy that works for you.


Finding yourself on the side of the road with a police car's flashing lights behind you can be stressful enough, but if a DWI investigation begins, it can be even more frightening and confusing. Since the consequences of a DWI conviction in Metairie, LA, can be steep, it is critical to give yourself the best chance possible to either have the charges dropped or to mitigate them as much as possible.

Many folks assume that DWI cases are cut and dry, black or white, and they should just plead guilty and accept the consequences. However, this could not be farther from the truth. Not only are there strategies that may get then dropped altogether, but working with a DWI lawyer can mean the difference between harsh penalties and the possibility of moving on with your life.

Additionally, some stringent procedures and deadlines must be met, especially in DWI cases. These deadlines can impact your ability to drive in the future, your right to defend the case, and much more. The average person may not be well versed in these regulations and procedures, but an experienced attorney will be. So, to get started on ensuring your best chance for successfully defending a LA DWI, call Max J. Koeck IV, LLC, Attorney & Counselor At Law, today.

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Traffic Citations

Traffic Citations

Traffic Citations

Traffic citations can ruin even the best of days, and while many are not incredibly serious, if left unchecked, they can lead to harsh consequences. From building points on your license until it is revoked or an accumulation of fines, it is important to address the problem and act proactively to get the situation right.

Not only this, but many people think that hiring an attorney to handle these citations will be more expensive than the citation itself, but this is often not the case. When working with an experienced traffic citation attorney, more often than not, money is saved in the long run.

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Regardless of the situation, the first step in any successful case is to call an experienced lawyer in your area. In Metairie, LA, Max J. Koeck IV, LLC, Attorney & Counselor At Law, is here to help. With a track record of proven successes and the experience to help no matter the situation, nothing is stopping you from reaching the favorable result you seek. So call today to get started!

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